The logical alternative to traditional candles

Lux Originals tealight holders are a logical and economical alternative to wax candles. The combine the warmth and light of real candles with the safety of tealights. As they do not burn away, runs and unattractive wax residues are a thing of the past. The FDA-compliant plastic is dishwasher-safe, durable, recyclable and poses no health risks. Lux tealight holders can be fitted with conventional, self-extinguishing tealights again and again.


Lux Originals tealight holders are also safe for use outdoors and in direct sunlight. Designed to withstand temperatures from -50°C to +80°C, fading and deforming are ruled out. That is true quality made in Germany.


To enjoy Lux Originals tealight holders safely and fully, please follow our safety instructions:


· Please use standard tealights with aluminium casings only.

· Protect the tealight holders from strong winds. 

· Ensure that the tealight holder is level.

· Ensure sufficient flow of air in closed containers (e.g. lanterns and storm lamps).

· Please do not pour flammable liquids into the tealight. (e.g. petroleum) 

· Please observe the safety clearance between burning tealights.


Note: Never leave tealights burning without supervision!


The Lux Originals tealight holders are available in various designs, sizes and colours. See the menu below for further information.

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